The Macro Cycle

Introduction What the Macro Cycle Is How Do I Practice the Macro Cycle? Warpgates and Pylons Resource Balancing So, When Can I Micro? Bonus Tip 1 Bonus Tip 2 TL;DR Introduction Starcraft, since it's inception, has been heralded as one of, if not the, most difficult and multi-task intensive games out there. From the time … Continue reading The Macro Cycle

PvT Stork’s Disruptor Drop

Introduction The Build Explanation Links Introduction I won't normally focus on a single match up, but I've really been struggling in PvT so that's where I've paid the most attention. Along with Zest's excellent DT drop, we have another, safer variety of drop play that also transitions into a solid macro game. This was taken … Continue reading PvT Stork’s Disruptor Drop

PvT: Zest’s DT Drop

Introduction The Build Explanation Links Introduction: This is a great build that was shown by Zest in his series vs Maru in their GSL Code A Bo5 match. It was the first in the series, and a great way to open on Dusk Towers. This build is very greedy (you only have one Adept until … Continue reading PvT: Zest’s DT Drop