PvP Stats’ Safe Double Gate Opener

The Build


Ever since the Photon Overcharge energy increase from 25 energy to 50 energy, the PvP meta has strayed away from Nexus firsts into a variety of double gate openers. These are very reactive openers, and there are many different ways you can approach it. Stats takes a more defensive approach vs Blaze’s double gate opener in Proleague (which I believe I’ll also do a guide on as I did enjoy the idea behind his build).


The Build

14 Pylon (1)
16 Gateway (1)
17 Assimilator x2 (1)(2)
19 Gateway (2)
20 Cybernetics Core
21 Pylon (2)
23 Stalker x2
23 Warpgate Research (Chronoboost)
28 Pylon (3)(near ramp)
28 Mothership Core
@100% Stalkers Sentry x2
@400 Minerals Nexus
@200/100 Robotics Facility
@150 Minerals Gateway (3)
@100% Robotics Facility Observer
@5:20 Assimilator x2 (3) (4)
@150/100 Twilight Council
@100% Observer Immortal
@100% Twilight Council Blink Research, Forge
@100% Forge +1 Ground Attack Research



The strength of this build comes from active scouting. You want to confirm whether or not your opponent is performing some sort of proxy with your first Probe. If they are, you can send your Stalkers around the map looking for either a proxied Robotics Facility or Stargate and try to nip their strategy in the bud before it can develop. Otherwise, you can move across the map with your Stalkers to try to catch your opponent’s scouting Adepts if they chose to go with them. Keeping your Mothership Core and Sentries at home will keep you safe from the Adepts. Make sure that once Warpgate Research finishes, you are constantly making Stalkers to deal with any further aggression done by your opponent.

Note that in the case of scouting a Nexus first from your opponent or a one Gateway expand, I would recommend making two Adepts instead of Stalkers from your initial Gateways and going for a Stargate before taking your Natural. With the aggression from your Adepts along with an Oracle or two, you can do enough economic damage to win the game with a follow up two or three base push. 

You follow up by going for a standard Immortal/Blink army to get yourself safely into the mid game. Here you can develop many options. If your opponent is performing a Stargate opening (much like Blaze vs Stats) you can choose to make a Dark Shrine as your opponent’s detection will be lackluster for a while. If they are going for a similar style, you can go for a 3 base attack with Warp Prism harass to keep your opponent honest and at home while also scouting. If your opponent is being too greedy, this push can also do economic damage or end the game, depending on the level of greed from your opponent.

The reason I did not put a third base timing in this build order write up is because PvP is a very reactive-based match up now. You need to choose a third timing based on the level of aggression of your opponent and other scouting information. Generally, you’ll want one some time after you have your 3 Gateways and Robotics Facility production rolling, but sometimes you need to play a bit safer and get more Gateways before expanding. I don’t have a super solid rule on this, as more games need to be played, but you can get a good feel after a lot of game experience from when it is safe to take this third base.

The basic rule with when to begin Disruptor production, the way I have observed, is to start when you’re behind or have your fourth base secured. There are a few reasons for this. One of them is that Disruptors are less effective versus smaller armies, as they are easier to micro against. Another reason why you would want to wait until your fourth base is because teching into a Robotics Bay and, subsequently, into double Robotics Facility Disruptor production is very expensive and leaves you open to strong timings. The only reason, as far as I’ve seen, that you would want to make Disruptors earlier is because you are behind in someway and need to rely on a miracle shot from your Disruptors to get back in the game, or use them to buy enough time to get back.


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