PvT Adept Voidray


The goal of this build is to focus on going really hard on setting up your economy and army supply quickly. This is achieved by using your 3 Oracles to scout and harass the Terran to make them afraid to leave their base while constantly producing Adepts and Void Rays at home to keep safe from drop play and big move outs. Then, you perform a huge Adept/Void Ray timing to allow yourself to play super Tech greedy at home to catch up.

Build Order:

14 Pylon
16 Gateway
16 Assimilator
19 Nexus
19 Cybernetics Core
20 Assimilator
21 Pylon
22 Adept (Chronoboost)
24 Warpgate
28 Stargate
28 Gateway
28 Adept
30 Mothership Core
@100% Stargate Oracle (Chronoboost, make 3)
@100 Gateway Adept x2
@4:00 Nexus
@100% Warpgate Sentry x2 (make 3 total, then constant Adept)
@4:15 Assimilator x2
@100% Oracle #3 Void Ray (make 3)
@5:30 Gateway x6
@6:00 Assimilator x2
@100% Void Ray #3 Attack with 8 Gate Adept & 3 Void Rays


The first problem you’re going to have with this build is Reaper harass. Your Adept will pop out just when the Reaper comes out, so you’re going to have to do a lot of Probe and Adept micro to keep safe from the Reaper since you are skipping Mothership Core for a faster Stargate and second Gateway. Once the initial Reaper harass is done, or if your opponent didn’t open Reaper, you want to scout with your first Adept to see if the Terran has an expansion. If they do not, continue to build Adepts out of your Gateways but build Void Rays earlier to defend against their 1 base push. As long as you’re patient and careful with your micro you should be able to defend any one base push very cost effectively and be able to secure a third quickly after or drop more gates and all-in them to finish the game.

As your Void Rays finish, you want to position them defensively in dead air space where Terran will likely send Medivacs. If a Medivac approaches your Void Ray, activate Prismatic Alignment to try to power it down quickly to defend the drop, and clean up any Marines or Widow Mines that come out with Photon Overcharge and Adepts. If a Widow Mine happens to burrow, you are going to have to bring an Oracle back for Revelation since the Robotics Facility for this build is super late.

Make sure once the Terran has properly defended his bases from the Oracle harass to place Stasis Wards in all the attack paths you can as you gather the energy for map vision and delaying ground-based move outs. When your third Void Ray pops and your additional 6 Gateways finish, move out with a huge Adept/Void Ray army supported by a few Sentries and maybe some Stalkers. You can try to kill the Terran here, or contain and do worker harassment by sending a few Adepts into an unprotected mineral line while fighting the army. Keep the Void Rays back and use them to find blind spots to quickly kill any Liberators or Tanks that you can with Prismatic Alignment.

Back at home, once your double Forge and Twilight Council finish you need to start double upgrades and Resonating Glaives as soon as possible and Chronoboost all 3, then add a Templar Archives to start working towards Storm. When your Robotics Facility is done, build a Warp Prism for reinforcements and harassment, then you need to pump out Observers to catch up in map vision, and then Immortal production for a stronger ground army. When you feel comfortable to do so, build a Fleet Beacon and 2 more Stargates to start Tempest production so you can fully transition into the late game with your Tempest/High Templar/Gateway army.

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