PvT 2 Base 4 Gate Blink Pressure


The goal of this build is to play a more aggressive version of Blink than standard while also still getting a standard third timing. This will allow you to keep the Terran at home for longer so you can afford double upgrades while also developing a strong Stalker count and getting your Adept/Stalker/Immortal composition rolling.
Build Order:

14 Pylon
16 Gateway
16 Assimilator
19 Nexus
19 Cybernetics Core
20 Assimilator
21 Pylon
22 Mothership Core (Chronoboost)
24 Stalker (Chronoboost after Mothership Core)
26 Warpgate Research
@150/100 Twilight Council
@100% Twilight Council Blink Research & Gateway x3
@200/100 Robotics Facility
@100% Robotics Facility Observer (Chronoboost this and Blink)
@44/54 Assimilator x2
@100% Observer Warp Prism
@48 Probes Stop Worker Production
@100% Warpgate Stalker x4 (Make up to 13)
@5:00 Nexus & Forge x2
@100% Blink Attack and contain the Terran, Resonating Glaives


In the early game, after your first 2 Pylons in your main you’re going to want to build at least 3 of your next Pylons in your natural and leave your Mothership Core there to defend. While waiting for Blink to complete, keep your Stalkers in your main base to defend against drops while leaving your Mothership Core in your natural to defend with Photon Overcharge.

During your attack with your Stalkers you want to make sure that you’re staying super cost efficient without losing any. Your goal isn’t to kill the Terran here, but to contain him and delay his third for as long as possible. Warp in 3 Sentries after your final warp-in of Stalkers and then constant Adept production back at home to keep up in army supply and defend against counter drops. If you notice that the Terran is keeping their entire army at the front, you can use your Warp Prism to warp in 4 Adepts to harass the main base while attacking the natural with your Stalkers and delaying the third.

Go up to 4 Observers so you can maintain good vision around the map for any counter drops, and then into constant Immortal production. When your 3 base economy is rolling, add 4 more Gateways, a Dark Shrine (for both defense and harassment), and a Templar Archives so you can start working towards Storm. If your opponent starts turtling with Liberators, build a Stargate. When the Stargate is finished, add a Fleet Beacon and 2 more Stargates and then make up to 6 Tempests to be able to 2 shot Liberators along with 1-2 Oracles for Revelation. Make sure to maintain 6 High Templar and 6 Tempest at all times along with a ground army slightly in front of the Tempests to keep them safe, and only Storm their army if the Terran gets too close with either Vikings, Liberators, or Bio trying to snipe your Tempests. If the Terran starts producing Ghosts, keep 4 High Templar in your Warp Prism to avoid losing them to EMP, or keep them very well split underneath the Tempests. If you choose the route of keeping them in a Warp Prism, build a second one to use for counter drops and harassment with either Dark Templar, Storm drops, or Adepts.

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