PvZ 3 Gate Resonating Glaives Timing


The goal of this build is to attack the Zerg with 9 Adepts to perform worker harassment and to scout which tech route your Zerg opponent is going for in order to properly respond.

Build Order:

14 Pylon
16 Gateway
16 Assimilator
19 Nexus
20 Cybernetics Core
21 Assimilator
22 Pylon (at natural)
23 Adept (Chronoboost) (constant production)
25 Warpgate
@150/100 Twilight Council
@100% Twilight Council Resonating Glaives
@300 Minerals Gateway x2
@200/100 Robotics Facility
@100% Warpgate Research Adept x3 (Move out, constant warp-ins)
@400 Minerals Nexus
@100% Robotics Facility Warp Prism (Move out)

Follow Ups:


Versus a ling bane heavy style you’ll want to start a Templar Archives and a Forge as soon as possible for Archons, and keep producing Immortals out of your Robotics Facility. If the Zerg chooses to go Roach/Ravager/Ling/Bane, you want to focus mainly on getting up a good Archon count while producing one Immortal at a time for the initial timing. Once you’ve held that timing, you can research Storm and get a second Robotics Facility for double Immortal production.


Start a Templar Archives and Forge immediately. If they’re doing a Hydralisk timing attack, make your initial High Templar into Archons and delay Storm until you’ve held the attack. If they’re going straight into lurker, get 2 Robotics Facilities and make 1 or 2 Observers and constant Immortal production so you can quickly tear through the Lurkers.


There are 2 options you can take here. The first is to keep warping in Adepts with your Warp Prism and continue attacking while adding 4 more Gates, then 3 more Gates and research Blink. Make Adepts until Blink is done, then Stalkers. The Adepts should cripple their economy too much for Zerg to make enough Mutalisks to overwhelm you, and then the follow up Stalkers should finish the Zerg off. 

The second is to drop 2 Stargates and immediately begin Phoenix Production. Go to 8-10 Phoenix. If the Zerg is going super heavy Mutalisk, get a Fleet Beacon and get Phoenix Range and research +1 Air Weapons at the Cybernetics Core. Get Charge on your Twilight Council and a Templar Archives for Archons to help deal with the Ling/Bane on the ground and possibly get some Archon hits on the Mutalisk flock. When the resources allow, build Photon Cannons in your mineral lines and around tech/production.


Research Blink on the Twilight Council and continue constantly producing Immortals from your Robotics Facility. When your gas allows it, get a Robotics Bay and a second Robotics Facility and begin Disruptor production or start researching Charge, get a Templar Archives, and a second Robotics Facility for a Chargelot/Immortal/Archon composition. 

Late Game:

As the game gets on, make sure to scout if the Zerg is going for an Ultralisk or Brood Lord transition. If Ultralisk, make Immortals instead of Disruptors. Research Charge and get a Templar Archives to begin Archon production to help deal with the Zerglings on the ground. If it’s Brood Lords, start a Stargate and a Templar Archive. When that’s completed, research Storm, build a Fleet Beacon and 2 more Stargates and go into Tempest production with High Templar to protect the Tempest from Corruptors with Storm and Archons.


PvZ 3 Gate Resonating Glaives Timing vs No A.I


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