PvT Standard Blink Opener


This is a standard, defensive build for PvT that’ll get you great map vision with Observers and set up with the appropriate upgrades and technology to go into the mid game versus Terran while being able to defend any kind of Factory or Barracks play.

14 Pylon
16 Gateway
16 Assimilator
19 Nexus
19 Cybernetics Core
20 Assimilator
21 Pylon
23 Mothership Core
25 Stalker (Chrono @ 100% Mothership Core)
@200/100 Robotics Facility
@150/100 Twilight Council
@300 Minerals Gateway x2
@100% Robotics Facility Observer (Make 3)
@100% Twilight Council Blink
@3:45 Assimilator (Natural
@100% Warpgate Stalker x3 (Make 9-12)
@100% Blink Resonating Glaives
@4:45-5:00 Nexus, second Assimilator (Natural)
@300 Minerals Forge x2


The execution of this build is pretty straight forward. You make an initial Stalker to help deflect Reapers and scouting SCV’s but stop producing to get your tech faster. You can choose to make an Adept first if you decide not to Probe scout. You can either choose to scout at 16 after Gateway or 19 after Nexus. If you scout at 16 after Gateway, you’ll get more information on what kind of build their doing, while a 19 scout will most likely just inform you if the Terran is performing a one base all in, (which is really all you need to know).

Position your Mothership Core in your natural and use Photon Overcharge to defend any frontal pushes or drops in your natural. Position your initial and later Stalkers in your main base. When you take your third, move some of the Stalkers over to your third to help defend it. When you get your 9-12 Stalkers, warp in 3 Sentries and then constant Adepts. If you feel you need more Stalkers later on due to heavy Widow Mine or Liberator play, feel free to make more. When you finish your 3 Observers, start constant Immortal production. Make a Warp Prism only when you intend to use it, if you make it earlier you’ll just be behind in either Observers or Immortals for no real reason.

If Terran is performing a 3 rax push, build a Warp Prism after your first Observer and hide it near their base with 4 Adepts inside. Once they move out and are around halfway across the map, go into their base with the Warp Prism and drop the Adepts. They’ll either need to go home to commit to a defense or commit to a push at your front where you can defend with Photon Overcharge.

If the Terran is going for Factory drop or Liberator play, the Mothership Core will be able to defend the natural on her own while the Stalkers can easily defend the main. You will have plenty of Observers by the time a Widow Mine enters your base.

If they are doing a Tank or Liberator push at the front, take the same advice with the Warp Prism as with a 3 rax push, but also make sure you meet the Terran in the middle of the map and delay their push by utilizing your Blink Stalkers to pick off units and kite them back. Make sure not to lose any when doing this. The last things you want to happen is either you lose too many Stalkers or you let Terran siege your base.

When you have a fully saturated third base and double upgrades up and running, build a Templar Archives to start working towards Storm. If the Terran player is going for really fast Liberators, also build a Stargate to work towards Tempests. Don’t build the additional 2 Stargates until after you start your Fleet Beacon. Once you begin Tempest production, research +1 Air Weapons from the Cybernetics Core. Make 6 Tempests (as they 2 shot Liberators) and keep your High Templar spread out and protected by the Tempests. Only storm when the Bio gets near your Tempests and use your Gateway units for harassment and defending other bases. Slow push towards your opponent and deny bases for a slow but inevitable victory.

3 thoughts on “PvT Standard Blink Opener

  1. Thanks. I really struggle with that 1 base tank push. Even though i do what you described… i guess my mechanics are shit.


  2. Do you mean, like, the one base Siege Tank shenanigans on Frozen Temple? If you scout early enough and can identify a one base timing, I actually skip Mothership Core for a faster Robotics Facility and Chronoboost Warpgate and my Gateway to get as many Stalkers as I can out along with 2 more Gateways. Keep pumping out Stalkers, Immortals, and a single Warp Prism for micro purposes. If it’s two base, you can do this build versus a two base timing. Make sure that you delay their push by being aggressive with your Stalkers instead of defensive and keep poking their army whenever the Siege Tanks are unsieged or when a Medivac carrying a Siege Tank ventures too far forward of the army.


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