What Is Financial Freedom?

Money is oftentimes a difficult subject for many people. Especially for low-income earners, discussing money can leave a sour taste in one’s mouth. I want to be able to lift the burden of discussing finance by sharing my knowledge on how to budget, prepare, and plan yourself to handle economic hardships, pull yourself out of debt, and set boundaries to allow you to live below your means. This is not easy, and no amount of reading will actually solve any financial problems you may have. But using this knowledge and adapting it to your current situation will help you power through and alleviate stress.

So what does it mean to be financially free? Well, it most certainly doesn’t mean being able to buy a mansion and outfit it with spinning, diamond-encrusted greco-columns. It means having enough left over each month to set aside or plan for something huge. It means not feeling stressed when bills come at the end of the month. It means being able to prepare for future unexpected expenses or losses. It means feeling confident in yourself that you are making the right financial decisions for you and your family.

“But Theo, I work at Walmart and make $9.50 an hour for 35 hours a week. How can I possibly pay all of my bills?” The easy answer is to just sit there and say, “SPEND YOUR MONEY SMARTER!” but following that advice isn’t so easy. And you can live off of a Walmart wage, have your own place, your own car, pay your own bills, and still have a little left over every month. Trust me, it’s possible, and I have been there making a subpar income yet being able to fulfill my financial needs. Sometimes you need to move, sometimes you need to learn new skills, you always need to learn to cook, but there is always a way to pull yourself forward.

So join me on this adventure from constant overdrawn bank accounts to mutual funds, Savings, and 401k’s that slowly grow in size every month!

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