Entry 22-08-2016

Goals For Next Ladder Session:

  • Focus more on macro when doing 3 Gate Adept harass in PvZ
    • While Psionic Transfer is not active, go back home to macro. Focus on Adepts while Psionic Transfer is active.
  • Play more reactive in PvP based on Sentry scouting.
  • Focus on more Warp Prism play in both PvP and PvT.


Ladder Games

  • Played versus turtle Skytoss. Won with Archon-heavy Gateway army into Tempest.
    • Should transition into Tempest faster.
    • Counter attacks were very effective with Chargelots and Dark Templar.
    • Blink Stalkers worked as remax tool when there were a few Carriers/Tempests left in opponent arsenal. Need additional games to make sure this is a consistent response.

Custom Games

  • Lost to Cannon rush on Frozen Temple starting on low ground by third. Improve scouting to see this.
  • Lost to proxy 3 Gate Cybernetics Core repeatedly. Need to develop a better response. Things to try:
    • Possibly build second Pylon instantly next to Gateways when scouting late Cybernetics Core in opponent’s main base due to threat of Zealots sniping the Pylon.
    • Quickly get Mothership Core and 2 Adepts. Mothership Core for Photon Overcharge if needed and to build energy. 2 Adepts will help deal with the initial Zealots.
    • Build a third gate when possible.
    • Build Pylon at ramp to be able to Photon Overcharge from high ground.
    • Build Robotics Facility for Immortals against the Stalkers.
  • Make second Observer for army in case of DT or Hallucinations for tanking.
  • Use Hallucinated Phoenix to determine if to stop making Gateway units earlier to advance tech and economy.
    • Check Gateway count and presence of third.


Ladder Games

  • Lost to Roach Ravager all-in each time.
    • Figure out better scouting patterns. Focus more on what I see with Adepts when performing timing.
    • If no Baneling Nest or Lair, suspect Roach/Ravager
    • If no Baneling Nest but Lair, Roach/Ravager or Hydralisk. Pay attention to how many Roaches are made to defend Adept Harass.
    • If Baneling Nest, Ling/Bane.
      • Follow up scout to see if :
        • Ling/Bane/Roach/Ravager
        • Ling/Bane/Hydral
        • Ling/Bane/Mutalisk
        • Fast Hive


Ladder Games

  • Experimented with focusing Pylons at Natural for Mothership Core to defend and warping in Stalkers in the main to defend there.
    • Was able to easily defend a double Widow Mine drop with Marine pressure at front with only 1 Probe lost and about 8 second lost mining time.
  • Lost to Siege Tank push at back rocks on King Sejong Station when opening 2 Base 4 Gate Blink.
  • Was unable to find avenue for attack.
    • Possibly break rocks before push reaches base to be able to more easily maneuver towards the tanks.
  • Played same Terran again with similar build, but with Liberators.
    • Opened triple Oracle into triple Void Ray build.
      • Was able to defend harass and counter attack. Eventually won the game with sheer numbers. Possibly best build for this map due to strength of Siege Tank all-ins.

Custom Games

  • First Practice game vs Blazejwa:
    • Defended committed Widow Mine harass in main and Marine pressure at Natural with 1 Probe loss.
    • Counter attack could have won the game, but chose to tech up in the back and work on economy.
      • If defense is this good, commit to counter attack with constant warp ins.
    • Successfully defended follow up push with Liberators and bio.
      • Could have killed Terran by counter attacking immediately.
    • Took non-cost-efficient fights when High Templar got EMP’d/
  • Second Practice game vs Blazejwa
    • Went for an attack with 4 Gateways and 9 Stalkers, saw a large bio army at the top of ramp on Frozen Temple. Knew it was 3 Rax
      • Retreated for defense at ramp with concave.
        • Saw 4 Medivacs load up and move towards main. Moved Stalkers over and successfully intercept.
        • Was able to hold main push at front, but wasn’t very cost efficient. Slow to respond. Be more mindful of Liberator placement. Widow Mines were easily sniped.
    • Counter pushed at Terran fourth.
      • Kept High Templar in Warp Prism. Was able to bait army closer for Storms.
      • Kept High Templar safe from Liberator anti-ground and Ghost EMP. Thus, storms were successful.
      • Had second Warp Prism for Warp-ins. Could also be used to hold 2 more High Templar for a total of 6, or be used to head towards the main/natural (map-dependent) for a multi-pronged attack.

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